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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

News Drops from Star Wars Celebration 6

Went down to Florida to attend Star Wars Celebration six a couple weeks back, finally recuperated and got over a packed workweek so I can post these up now.

All recorded via the SoundCloud iPhone app, the first installment was down at the Rosen Plaza Hotel's pool, where no less than twenty members of my costume group, The Mandalorian Mercs, decided to go for a swim wearing our helmets.
Pool Invasion Report
Shenanigans included storming the hot tub, then storming the shallow end of the pool again, chatting with Daniel Logan (Young Boba Fett from Episode 2), and creating a new Mandalorian battle cry: "IN THE POOL."

Fridee's Report includes talk of a Mandalorian Pushup Contest (performing US Military style pushups while in full armor, minus helmets), and honor guarding Jeremy Bulloch as he signed autographs. I enjoyed standing motionless, waiting for people to decide whether I was a mannequin or a person, then shifting pose to their surprise.

Saturdee Moring's Report was recorded with my phone integrated into the right gauntlet of my armor, which entertained everyone in line around us. Everyone except for a woman who just started meowing like a cat to nobody in particular, for no good reason.

And the Final Report was a bit rambling, but I was tired and getting ready to get up waaayyyy to early for my flight home.

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